Have you ever wondered how we make our delicious, fluffy scones? Now you can make them! Join Ginger as she teaches you how to create the wonderful scones that we serve everyday at The London Tea Room. 

This class will have you making scones from scratch and then after they are out of the oven, enjoying the fruit of your work with some delicious double Devon cream and jam and a pot of tea.

All ingredients will be provided, just bring yourselves and an apron

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Wednesday September 18th. - 7pm - 8.15pm

Wednesday October 2nd - 7pm-8.15pm. - SOLD OUT

Wednesday October 16th. - 7pm - 8.15pm

TEA 101

Did you know that all Tea comes from the same plant?   Not literally the same plant, of course, but the same species of plant.   Tea 101 will tell you how many types of tea - black, white, green, oolong, and pu-erh - are created.  

Our sommelier will teach you how to steep it at home so you can brew the perfect cup of tea!

Whether you’re a newcomer to tea or someone who has enjoyed English Breakfast their entire life, this class is the perfect introduction to the vast world of tea.

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Tea has been an essential part of many cultures for thousands of years. Follow the journey of tea as it grows from a simple plant into a worldwide phenomenon, the second most popular beverage in the world (after water!). Learn how it became integrated into so many cultures, and how tea made the journey from Asia to England. We will be tasting a selection of our wonderful teas, curated specifically to match the growth of tea into its many varieties. 

Additionally there will be 10% off all loose tea and tea merchandise following the class

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Tuesday October 22nd - 7pm - 8.15pm

Have you ever wondered how Earl Grey is made, or how they get the jasmine into Jasmine Tea? 

Our certified Tea Specialist will guide you through the process of how flavor is added to teas, from essential oils to flowers to dried fruit! The blending process is a careful science, and you’ll learn how the many wonderful varieties of tea are crafted by tea artisans. You’ll also get to taste a selection of flavored teas, such as Earl Grey and our famous Naughty Vicar. Best of all, you get to take home two ounces of your own customized blend! 

You’ll leave this class knowing everything you could want to know about tea blends, and how to create your own tea! Additionally, there will be 10% off all loose leaf tea, teapots, and tea accessories that evening.

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Tuesday December 3rd. - 7pm - 8.15pm


It’s common knowledge that tea is good for your health, but what exactly does that mean? In this class our tea sommelier will address the health benefits of different varieties of teas so you can find the one that fits your lifestyle. The class will feature a tasting of several teas, including Green tea, White tea, Pu-erh, and herbal blends. Each tea has its own unique characteristics that you will discover as we explore our selection of healthy teas. 

Our sommelier will teach you how to properly steep each tea, and a Q&A session will follow the class. Additionally there will be 10% off all loose leaf tea, teapots, and other merchandise after the class.

We were very honored to have Dr. Ray Cooper with us in October 2018 and again in June 2019. His class on the health benefits of green and black teas was very informative and enjoyable. When he returns next year from his time at the University of Hong Kong he will be visiting us again, and we urge all of you to make a reservation once the class is announced.


Every six months we bring in a selection of rare and high grade teas from China. Many of them are from small farms in remote and mountainous regions, and all are crafted by tea artisans in small batches. Join us as we taste these wonderful teas and learn more about the regions they are grown in. Discover how tea used to be made in the days before mass production and how farmers can craft teas to bring out the hidden flavors within the leaf! You’ll also get first dibs to purchase these teas, and considering that we’ll only have a kilogram or less of each you may be the only ones to get your hands on them! 

You’ll leave knowing more about the tea growing regions of China, how tea is processed, and wishing that all tea was as good as these rare teas. Then again, if all tea was this good then they wouldn’t be rare!

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Tuesday November 19th - 7pm-8.15


A cup of tea is made up of thousands of chemicals produced naturally by the tea plant. In this class you will taste your way through the major groups of chemicals that contribute to tea flavor and aroma: volatiles, catechins, caffeine and L-theanine. Along the way you will learn how growing conditions and processing steps alter that chemistry to produce a diversity of tea types, and how climate change is impacting the flavor of tea.

Eric Scott is a PhD student at Tufts University studying the effects of climate change and pest insects on the chemistry and quality of tea. He has spent his summers doing field experiments in China in collaboration with the Tea Research Institute in Hangzhou, the home of Dragonwell green tea. Before starting his PhD program, Eric worked at a tea shop in Colorado, and before that was the founder of a tea club in college.

Please Note: This experience has a minimum of 5 students required to go forward. If we don’t reach, you will have the option to make it a private class, transfer to another date or experience, or receive a refund.

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Wednesday November 20th. 7pm - 9pm