The most well-known and popular type of tea in the West, black teas feature bold flavors and are great with breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon tea. They have a relatively high caffeine content and vary greatly in taste.

Single Origin & Unflavoured Black Tea 

Ancient Golden Yunnan [$4] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

Harvested from wild tea trees that are hundreds of years old, this tea from Yunnan Province has a bold flavor but lacks the astringency you’d expect of a strong black tea. 

Notes: cacao, light pepperiness, wheat, deep flavor yet remarkably smooth


Assam [$4] – Origin: Khongea Estate, Assam, India; ETP, Organic

Straight from the lowlands of Assam comes a very high grade tea and one of the strongest teas we offer. With a flavor profile similar to coffee, this is a great tea for mornings, nights before exams, people with a case of the Mondays, and those trying to kick the coffee habit. 

Notes: earthy, malty, stout{beer}, full bodied, nice astringency


Ceylon [$4.50] – Origin: Blackwood Estate, Sri Lanka; Grade: OP; Organic

A well-rounded black tea that’s not too bold but not too mild. This tea comes from the Blackwood Estate which is renowned (in the tea world, at least) for its commitment to its workers and to organic tea production. 

Notes: black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, woody, floral notes


Darjeeling: Margaret’s Hope [$3.50] – Origin: Margaret’s Hope Estate, Darjeeling, India; Grade: TGFOP1

A terrific everyday Darjeeling from the foothills of the Himalayas. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that ‘everyday’ is nothing special; as our Great Uncle Larry always used to say, “It must be good if you’re drinking it every day.” (Of course he was referring to moonshine.) From the Margaret’s Hope Estate, one of the oldest Indian tea plantations still in operation. 

Notes: muscatel{having the flavor of muscat grapes}, lilies, hyacinth, oregano, mellow


Irish Breakfast [$3] – Origin: India & Tanzania; Fair Trade Organic

Without a doubt the most robust tea we offer; Irish Breakfast is a blend of Assam and Kenyan teas formulated specifically to wake you up after a long night of drinking and fighting. 

Notes: coffee, malty, stout, cacao, charred steak, strong astringency


Keemun [$3] – Origin: Anhui, China; Organic

The original English Breakfast tea. Keemun {from Qimen County in China, which was apparently too difficult for the English to spell} was one of the major teas imported by the British before the mass production of tea in their Indian colonies. Today it still reigns as one of the best breakfast teas you can get. Our apologies to every other breakfast tea on this menu. 

Notes: brown sugar, barley, apples, malty, Scotch, mild smokiness, slightly spicy


The London Tea Room Blend [$4] – Origin: LTM Blend; Organic

A tea so good we named our café after it. This tea is a well-balanced blend of high grade black teas from China, India, and Sri Lanka. We blended it specifically as a high-grade breakfast tea for those who really want English Breakfast but don’t want to be seen drinking something so mainstream. 

Notes: malty, black pepper, apples, dark chocolate, woody, full bodied


Flavoured Black Tea


5th of November [$4] – Origin: LTM Blend

We captured the essence of a traditional English Bonfire Night and made it into a tea that even Guy Fawkes would enjoy. This blend includes Chinese black tea, berries, vanilla, and, of course, gunpowder tea. Be careful drinking it around open flames. Remember, remember…

Notes: strawberry, blackberry, jammy, vanilla, sweet, subtle smokiness


Alpine Black [$4] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

A very berry black tea that will invigorate you before you ski down the Alpine slopes, then refresh your weary body once you’ve reached the bottom. Skis not included, but we will offer some advice: “Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way: turn.”

Notes: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peach, mild, juicy, refreshing


Churchill [$3.50] – Origin: LTM Blend; Fair Trade Organic

 We named this bold, dignified blend of tea after this bold, dignified man. 

Notes: smokey, citrus, turbinado, cedar, juniper, beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets, hills


Cream Earl Grey [$3.50] – Origin: Sri Lanka; ETP

Based off of the Earl Grey’s voyage to Prussia, where he frolicked in fields of cornflowers and discovered the joys of vanilla after tasting a dessert crafted by Otto von Bismarck’s renowned pastry chef. Vegans and hypolactasiacs rejoice: No dairy is involved in the making of this tea!

Notes: light touch of bergamot, vanilla, rice pudding, creamy mouthfeel


Duke and Duchess [$5] – Origin: LTM Blend

Blended by our tea sommeliers in honour of the wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A blend of Kenyan {where they became engaged}, Silver Needle {a regal tea}, and Darjeeling {one of the Queen’s favorite teas}. Treat yourself like royalty with this royal tea. 

Notes: rich depth, pistachio, malty, floral, woodsy


Earl Grey [$3.50] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade, Organic

The original and incomparable black tea blend. A high-grade Yunnan tea infused with bergamot oil {a Mediterranean citrus fruit}. Various myths and legends abound as to the origins of this tea, named after the 2nd Earl Grey, but our favorite involves the Earl’s encounter with a starship captain who traveled back in time to ensure the invention of his favorite beverage. 

Notes: citrus: bergamot, lime, clementine; almonds, lavender, agave, smooth and well balanced


Jubilee [$3.50] – Origin: LTM Blend; Fair Trade, Organic

Blended in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. A strong Yunnan black tea blended with bergamot oil and dried blood orange rind. Very citrus, very bold, verily. God save the Queen. We mean it, man. 

Notes: deep citrus, lemon, bergamot, pink lemonade, macaron, bold


Lapsang Souchong [$4] – Origin: Fujian, China; Organic

Everything tastes better when it’s smoked: ribs, salmon, tea, etc. Lapsang has been smoke-dried over pine boughs, infusing the tea with a remarkable flavor and aroma that’ll make even the manliest of men swoon. Though it can be an acquired taste, this is a taste worth acquiring. After all, Winston Churchill drank it when he wasn’t getting drunk. 

Notes: campfires, cigars, smoke, pine, bourbon


Lavender Earl Grey [$3.50] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

According to legend, the Earl Grey was drinking a cup of tea while sitting next to a lavender bush when gust of wind blew a flower into his cup. The beautiful aroma lulled with Earl to sleep, and when he awoke he ordered his servants to craft the tea that would become Lavender Earl Grey. 

Notes: lavender, bergamot, slight astringency, full body


Masala Chai [$4] – Origin: Blend; Fair Trade Organic

Indian spices combine with strong Assam tea. Originally a medicinal beverage, today – due to British influence – masala chai is a recreational drink, though with large amounts of milk and sugar added to it. Americans have taken this concept and run with it, and now drinks with the dubious label of “chai tea” can be found everywhere {grammar note: chai tea is a tautology}. Our Masala Chai is made the traditional way: nothing but spices and black tea.

Notes: ginger, citrus, black pepper, cardamom, curry, spicy, strong 


Naughty Vicar [$3.50] – Origin: LTM Blend  (BEST SELLER)

Our best-selling blend of black teas with blackcurrants and vanilla. Many have asked us why it’s called Naughty Vicar, our standard response is “no comment.” 

Notes: juicy, blackcurrant, hibiscus, citrus, vanilla, mild body, smooth


Parisian Breakfast [$5] – Origin: LTM Blend; Organic

Our version of a tea we enjoyed while vacationing in Paris, this smooth yet invigorating tea yields a nice sweetness, and any hint of astringency retreats when paired with milk. Grab your favorite book, play your favorite Édith Piaf record, and surrender your morning to this beautiful tea. 

Notes: orange, vanilla, milk chocolate, croissants, brown sugar, malty, medium body


Peppermint Patty [$5] – Origin: LTM Blend; Fair Trade & ETP

A rare gem of a tea that tastes exactly like a certain trademarked confection, making it a great tea for people who don’t like tea but want to be able to say “I drank tea today!” 

Notes: dark chocolate, peppermint, vanilla, citrus zest, smooth


Queen of Hearts [$3.50] – Origin: LTM Blend

Best summarized as a stronger, fuller bodied Naughty Vicar, the Queen of Hearts was originally blended to capitalize off a recent adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novels. It quickly gained a devoted following and joined our stable of black tea blends. This is a tea to lose your head over.

Notes: blackcurrant, spice, red wine, bold yet smooth


Tolstoy’s Samovar [$4] – Origin: LTM Blend; Organic

Our tribute to Russian tea, named after our favourite Russian author. Caravans would transport tea on the long journey from Russia to China, and the smoke from the nightly campfires would infuse into the tea, giving it a distinct smokey flavor reminiscent of a mild Lapsang Souchong. 

Notes: smokey, woody, Scotch, anise, bratwurst, mild astringency, subtle sweetness


Vanilla [$5] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

Yunnan black tea blended perfectly with real vanilla. The tea provides a bold flavor, while vanilla smooths over the astringency, complementing each other like Riggs and Murtaugh. You’re never too old for this. 

Notes: vanilla, remarkably smooth, ice cream, custard, naturally sweet


Decaf Black Tea


Decaf Ceylon [$3.75] – Origin: Sri Lanka; Grade: OP

It’s 10pm and you’re craving the bold flavor of a black tea, but you have a big presentation at work tomorrow so you need your beauty sleep. What’s a person to do? Decaf Ceylon. Bam: All problems solved. You’re in bed by 11pm and you ace the presentation, getting a promotion in the process and meeting your future spouse at the party after work. You’re welcome. 

Notes: full body, pepper, some astringency, tastes like black tea


Decaf Earl Grey [$3.50] – Origin: Sri Lanka

Later in his life the Earl Grey developed a sensitivity to caffeine. Unwilling to give up his favorite drink, the Earl discovered the CO2 process for removing caffeine from the tea leaf. Simultaneously he started a major business selling the caffeine in powdered form to college students and investment bankers. 

Notes: bergamot{citrus}, light sweetness, mild, tastes like Earl Grey


Decaf English Breakfast [$4.50] – Origin: Sri Lanka

Your dose of English Breakfast but without all that pesky caffeine. Pairs exceptionally well with milk. 

Notes: well-rounded, inoffensive, tastes like tea



Quickly becoming the go-to tea for the West, green teas are light and smooth with a grassy or nutty flavour, though Japanese teas feature an umami taste resembling seaweed. Light on caffeine and heavy on health benefits, green teas are perfect for those wanting a great companion to a healthy lifestyle. 


Bedford [$4] – Origin: LTM Blend

A blend of green tea and tropical fruit that we named after Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford, who established the tradition of Afternoon Tea. While the Duchess never drank this, through communion with dark forces we have talked with her spirit and confirmed that she approves of this tea. 

Notes: mango, tangerine, passion fruit, grassy, sweet


Dragon Well [$5] – Origin: Anhui, China; Organic

The best green tea we offer {in the opinion of this author}, the Dragon Well has nothing to do with dragons or wells, but its beautiful flavor will make humans, dragons, and mothers of dragons feel well. The silky-smooth mouthfeel of this tea is unmatched by any other tea we offer.

Notes: orchids, almonds, corn, dill, silky, slight grassiness


Jade Cloud [$4] – Origin: Hubei, China; Fair Trade Organic

When someone asks for green tea this is what we give them {provided they don’t answer further questions such as “Japanese or Chinese?”}. The closest in flavor and feel to what most Westerners think of as green tea, Jade Cloud has a nice grassy flavor without the bitterness many people associate with green tea. 

Notes: spinach, grass, toasted wheat, lime, hazelnut, clotted cream


Jasmine Green [$3.50] – Origin: Hubei, China; Fair Trade Organic

Sit back and relax with this blend of green tea and jasmine oil. The jasmine softens the grassiness of the green tea, while adding a calming aroma that’s sure to help you find your center. We advise caution while drinking this: people have been known to fall into such deep relaxation that a Busby Berkeley musical number is necessary to bring them back to reality. 

Notes: jasmine, light grassiness, spinach, vegetal, orchids, mild sweetness


Maple Walnut Sencha [$2.50] – Origin: Japan

Take a trip to a Japan with a brief layover in Quebec. We admit it’s a bizarre combination, but this is one of the few oddly flavoured teas that actually works well. The sweet maple complements the savory sencha and makes for a terrific breakfast tea. 

Notes: black walnuts, maple syrup, sweet and savory, French toast, mild sencha


Moroccan Mint [$3.50] – Origin: LTM Blend; Fair Trade Organic

While it may be a bit of a misnomer – nothing in this tea hails from Morocco – we blended this tea as an homage to teas often drunk in North Africa. It’s a humble tea with Chinese green tea and spearmint, lending it a full flavor that should not be mistaken for simple. 

Notes: spearmint, wintergreen, jasmine, more mint, calming


Sencha [$7.50] – Origin: Miyazaki, Japan; Organic

An ancient Japanese proverb states that “one has not truly lived until they have tasted of The London Tea Merchant’s Sencha.” The steaming process used to halt oxidation lends the tea its umami flavor and gorgeous color. This is one of the finest sencha’s we’ve tasted, with a remarkable number of subtleties that cannot be described, only experienced. Who are you to argue with Japanese proverbs?

Notes: seaweed, umami, sushi, vegetal, kale, smooth, no astringency 



With its delicate and subtle autumnal flavor, plus an even greater number of health benefits than green tea, white teas have a small but growing following. Minimally processed after harvesting, white tea has absolutely no astringency, an incredibly smooth texture, and only trace amounts of caffeine. 


Mango Pear White [$4.50] – Origin: China; Organic

Winner of our award for best pairing of fruit and white tea, Mango Pear White perfectly balances the fruity notes from dried mangos and pears with the subtleness of white tea. The added flavor doesn’t overpower the delicate autumnal notes of white tea, unlike many other so-called “white teas” you’ll find at other tea merchants. 

Notes: mango, pear, papaya, jasmine, apple, woody, hay, juicy


Silver Needle [$11] – Origin: China; Organic

Made using the only finest first flush buds of camellia sinensis, Silver Needle has a delicate and subtle flavor that gently floats over the palate. Our Silver Needle is the result of months of searching for a high quality yet affordable lot; you could say we finally found the needle in the haystack {rimshot}. 

Notes: hay, wheat, rice, nectar, water chestnuts, autumnal 


White Peony [$3.50] – Origin: Fujian, China; Organic

One of the two orthodox white teas we offer {see also: Silver Needle}. Having a taste that reminds this author of an autumnal walk in the countryside, White Peony is a must have for any lover of tea. Peony is not involved in the production of this tea; the Peony flower is associated with wealth, thereby associating this tea with wealth, and by drinking this tea you will also be associated with wealth or – at least – good taste. 

Notes: hay, wheat, nutty, baked potato, autumnal


White Tea Rose Mint [$5] – Origin: Fujian, China; Fair Trade Organic

The floweriest, floraliest, rosiest tea we have to offer. White tea is blended with rose petals, lavender, and just a hint of mint. It also makes an excellent potpourri. 

Notes: mint, rose, lavender, Turkish delight, fragrant


A traditional Chinese tea, oolongs feature the strong flavour of a black tea with the smoothness of a green tea. Even the most basic of oolongs will feature a complex flavour profile, and many of the highest-grade oolongs are hand-picked, rolled, and dried according to centuries old practices. 


Bao Zhong [$4.50] – Origin: Taiwan

A delicate floral oolong that leans on the “greener” side of the spectrum. The name refers to the style of twisting a tea leaf. It’s also really fun to say ten times fast. 

Notes: tulips, lilacs, amaretto, smooth, light grassiness


Coconut Oolong [$5.50] – Origin: Taiwan

Developed by the Professor for his fellow castaways, this green oolong is infused with coconut oil, lending the tea a strong coconut aroma that translates into a mild coconut flavor when steeped. 

Notes: mild body, smooth, light coconut flavor, almonds, vanilla ice cream, slight grassiness


Cream Mint [$6.50] – Origin: LTM Blend

Warm, smooth, and unlike any oolong blend you’ve had before. We add organic peppermint from Washington State to a Tieguanyin, then gift it with a creamy smoothness. 

Notes: peppermint, vanilla, stone fruit, creamy mouthfeel


Dark Pearl Oolong [$9] – Origin: Taiwan

A dark oolong that resembles a pearl (kudos to our naming committee) with an unexpectedly smooth feel and a remarkable flavor that is reminiscent of tropical fruits and flowers. Not to be confused with the Dark Crystal Oolong. 

Notes: orchids, mango, papaya, caramel, malty, smooth, Keemun{black tea}


Iron Goddess of Mercy [$5.50] – Origin: Taiwan

Named after Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, this well-rounded tea is the standard bearer for our oolong collection. Roasted over bamboo coals and rolled into a distinctive ball, the Iron Goddess is a must try for any fan of oolongs, and it’s also a terrific starting point for those who thinks that oolong sounds like an apt description for that artsy French film they slept through the other night. 

Notes: apricot, buckwheat, toasted rice, dandelion, balanced and smooth


Peach Oolong [$7] – Origin: Taiwan

Dried peaches lend this tea a sweet and tart flavor that enhance the stone-fruit notes of the underlying oolong. For those days when you’re feeling just peachy. 

Notes: peach, apricot, pink lemonade, hibiscus, tart, sweet, tangy



Pu-erh has an ancient history of over 2000 years, originating in the Yunnan Province of China. This unique tea is fermented and is becoming hugely popular as a health and wellness tea. It is regarded as a great addition to the diet of those seeking to lose weight. Pu-erh tea has an earthy and bold character. 


Blood Orange Pu-erh [$4.50] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

Using the strong, full body of a pu-erh as a base, this tea adds regular orange and blood orange to mellow the distinct earthiness of the pu-erh and create a bold citrusy drink with the unique backing notes of pu-erh. 

Notes: blood orange, grapefruit, lemons, port, slight earthiness, deep flavor


Chocolate Chip Pu-erh [$4] – Origin: China

Coffee isn’t the only drink that pairs well with chocolate. Real chocolate chips are mixed into a smooth, malty pu-erh. The chocolate melts into the tea and creates a rich and creamy chocolate flavour. 

Notes: milk chocolate, creamy, malty, slight earthiness


Vanilla Mint Pu-erh [$4] – Origin: Yunnan, China; Fair Trade Organic

For those of you searching for a full-bodied mint tea you’ve come to the right place. Peppermint serves as the vanguard of this pu-erh blend and is followed into the fray by vanilla and reinforced by the musky, earthy pu-erh base. 

Notes: peppermint, vanilla, Andes mint, dark chocolate, musky



Technically speaking herbal teas are not tea as they don’t come from the camellia sinensis plant. Sometimes referred to as tisanes, they are made from various herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices. Many have been used as natural remedies for millennia and can be just as effective as modern medicines. Others are great sugar free alternatives to juices and can be great ways for kids to drink a pot of tea just like their parents. 


Chamomile [$3.50] – Origin: Croatia; Organic

{We apologize, but the author fell asleep before he could write this description. In short: this tea is nothing but wonderful chamomile blossoms.}

Notes: floral, daisies, honey, nectar, mild sweetness, relaxing


Cinnamon Plum [$3.50] – Origin: Fair Trade Organic

If you are like most people you either think of cinnamon as an ingredient in a sweet bread roll or as a disgusting jelly bean flavor. We can assure you this is neither; this is proof that cinnamon can exist without sugar. 

Notes: tart, juicy, plums, licorice, cider, red wine, hibiscus, cinnamon aroma


Hibiscus Berry [$3.50] – Origin: Blend; Fair Trade Organic

Hibiscus + Berries. Sweet and juicy, but not too sweet and juicy. Put it on ice to make a summer drink that’ll knock your socks off. 

Notes: blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate, lemon, juicy, sweet, mild flavor


Holy Basil Chai [$3.75] – Origin: Blend; Organic

A wonderfully warm and robust tea with a nice floral flavor complemented by vanilla and cinnamon. The sacred herb that forms the base of this blend is revered throughout southern Asia for its healing powers. 

Notes: cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, hint of vanilla, mild spiciness


Mango [$3.50] – Origin: Blend

Sweet mother of mango, this tea is sweet! We can attribute its sweetness either to the addition of fairy dust, or to the fact that this tea consists solely of dried fruit. Substitute that bottle of vending machine “juice” for this tea. It’s healthier and you’ll be happier (Happiness not guaranteed). 

Notes: mango, pineapple, oranges, tangerines, sweet, juicy


Serenity [$4] – Origin: LTM Blend

As serene as a late summer’s eve, Serenity combines the power chamomile, lavender, and lemon verbena into a relaxing concoction. We recommend against operating machinery while drinking this tea. 

Notes: chamomile, honey, floral, mint, lavender, lilacs, lemon, mild body, soothing


Spearmint Lavender [$4.50] – Origin: LTM Blend; Organic

Guess what’s in this tea. Go on, guess. Spearmint from Washington state is blended with a touch of lavender from a farm in suburban St. Louis. There are very few teas that can claim to be as relaxing and invigorating as this blend. 

Notes: light lavender, subtle spearmint, aptly named 


Tangerine Ginger [$3.50] – Origin: Blend; Fair Trade Organic

The good cop / bad cop tea. Tangerine acts sweet and tangy, then ginger enters and punches you in the mouth. 

Notes: tart, sweet and spicy, tangerine, very juicy, ginger, hibiscus, tangy, strong body


Turmeric Ginger [$3] – Origin: Blend; Organic

The cure-all drink that makes you feel better when you’re sick and makes a wonderful cup of tea when you’re well. Both turmeric and ginger are well known anti-inflammatories, and ginger is great for when your stomach feels like it’s about to turn inside out. And on top of that, it tastes good. We promise it’s not snake oil. 

Notes: turmeric, ginger, lemon, curry, mustard, spicy, honey


Valerian Dream [$4] – Origin: Blend; Fair Trade Organic

Long before humans started making sleep aids in laboratories they used valerian root to help them get a better night’s sleep. Valerian is bitter on its own, which is why we blended it with other herbs (and a touch of dried strawberry!) to turn it into your go-to sleepy time drink.  

Notes: fennel, licorice, agave, cardamom, masala chai, mild spiciness, floral undertones



Also known as Red Tea, rooibos is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea that comes from a shrub like plant indigenous to South Africa. With its smooth and rich body, honey like sweetness, and subtle fruity flavour, rooibos is a perfect alternative to black tea. Rooibos means red bush is Afrikaans, and it takes its name from its bright red leaf. 


Blueberry Rooibos [$4] – Origin: South Africa; Fair Trade Organic

The antioxidants in rooibos team up with the antioxidants in blueberries to make a deliciously sweet drink that tastes good and is good for you. 

Notes: blueberries, lemon, blackberries, hibiscus, tangy, kool aid


Caramel Macchiato [$4] – Origin: South Africa

Based on honeybush, a close relative to rooibos, our Caramel Macchiato is a mildly sweet and caffeine free alternative to your local coffeehouse’s espresso based drink.  

Notes: caramel, dulce de leche, vanilla


Rooibos [$3] – Origin: South Africa; Fair Trade Organic

The original South African tea, refined by Dutch colonists, presumably because they couldn’t accept a native drink without putting their own mark on it. Made from the leaves of the rooibos plant (meaning red bush), this isn’t true tea yet it tastes remarkably similar to an English Breakfast when milk is added. 

Notes: vanilla, honey, cream, meringue, mellow, light sweetness


Vanilla Rooibos [$4] – Origin: South Africa

You may have noticed the abundance of vanilla in our tea list. That’s because vanilla is amazing. Pairing it with rooibos is a match made in heaven. Look no further for your new favorite decaf vanilla tea. 

Notes: vanilla, creamy, smooth, slight sweetness


West Cape Chai [$4] – Origin: Blend; Fair Trade Organic

South African rooibos and East Asian spices team up to kick you in the arse. A well-balanced blend of sweet and spicy, West Cape Chai takes its uniqueness and runs with it. An excellent caffeine free alternative to the traditional Masala Chai. 

Notes: licorice, candied ginger, cinnamon, coffee, citrus, spicy 

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